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Four Sessions Package
Grounding & Alignment

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Nahui is the Nahuatl word for the number four, which means “the order of the mother” referring to Mother Earth.  Many things in our earth occur in cycles of four: four season, four phases of the moon, or four elements. A cycle of four help to ground and to align with the energies order here on earth.


A Nahui visit package give us time to work on grounding your healing intention into the material realm.  We will have time to complete one cycle of treatments to address your mind, body, spirit and emotions.

Four One Hour Session Packages (Initial consult + 3 follow ups):

10% discount,  $415 (save $45)

Herbal consultation + three follow up visits:

10% discount, $490 (save  $55)

If interested in booking an appointment, please complete the New Client Inquiry Form below and use Calendly link to schedule.

Let's Get Started!

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