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Building Relationship to Herbal Allies to Support Our Resilience

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

Plants are our ancestors. They lived on earth millions of years before homo sapiens. We evolved from plants.

Plants always have been essential for the evolution of the human species. They provide us with the oxygen we need to breathe. Since time immemorial plants have given us food, shelter, clothing, medicine and beauty.

Throughout history, plants have supported people through times of crisis. Plants have aided people during times of pandemics, war, famine, enslavement, and genocide. People have carried seeds of cherished plants across oceans and continents and often at great risk.

Today as we face the global Covid-19 pandemic, interest in plant medicine is growing. Our medical system is overwhelmed and unable to reach or serve many, so people are turning to herbal medicine for support.

Unfortunately, during this crisis herbal medicine has become another commodity to stockpile or hoard. In a short time, many key antiviral and immune support herbal medicines disappeared from the store shelves.

What happens when we cannot find the herbal medicines we need at the stores? What happens in the next pandemic, earthquake or disaster caused by climate chaos?

The key is building relationships with plants. We must decolonize our way of thinking about plants. They are not objects or commodities. Plants are our relatives. They are our elders. They are living beings with vast intelligence and capabilities.

Even though many of us have forgotten how to be in a right relationship with our plant relatives, they continue to offer themselves to us as food, medicine a