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Seven Sessions Package

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Seven, or Chicome in Nahuatl, is a sacred number to the moon.  Every seven days the moon begins a new phase. Seven is also sacred to the direction of the West, which relates to letting go and transformation.


A cycle of seven visits aligns you with the number of shedding and transformation.  To heal ourselves we often need to make changes, and often it takes time to allow these changes to take root in our lives.


Seven sessions create space and time to release energies that are blocking your healing. This might be patterns, thoughts, or behaviors.  As you engage in this letting go process you are able to shed your old skin like a snake. Once you have let go, you will also be creating space for your newly transformed self to emerge.

Seven one hour sessions package, $685

15% savings (save $120)


Initial herbal consultation + 6 follow up visits:  $755

15% savings, (save $135)

To book an appointment, please complete the New Client Inquiry Form below and use Calendly link to schedule. 

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