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Luz de Abuelita: Herbal, flower essence and gemstone essence remedy for ancestral connection, dreaming & healing.


Luz de Abuelita helps us connect to our ancestors in dreams and in our waking states of meditation, creativity and contemplation.  Luz de Abuelita also supports our ancestral healing process. This formula contains the herb and flower essence of tagetes lemmonii, also known as the Grandmother plant. Pericon brings dreams of our grandmothers and other female ancestors. It also has the herb and flower essence of tagetes lucida, or pericón, which gently guides us on our path of healing.  Gemstone essence of Petrified Wood connects us to the wisdom of our ancestors. Golden Healer essence sources universal healing energy and facilitates communication between different worlds and dimensions.


Dosage:  4 drops, 4 times daily.  Recommended to take before meditation or sleeping. 



This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Luz de Abuelita

  • .5 oz. bottle


    Suggested use:  4-13 drops, 1-4 times per day.


    Proprietary herbal extract blend:  Pericon extract and essences of pericon, petrified wood & golden healer.


    Other ingredients: organic grape and/or cane alcohol, filtered water

    (approximately 30-50% alcohol by volume)


    Gluten free


    Shake well! 

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