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Sage Shield: energetic protection and cleansing in a bottle


Sage Shield is a flower essence and aromatherapy mister infused with the healing and magical properties of white sage, salvia apiana. It contains flower essences of Sagebrush, Black sage, White sage, Angelica, and Yarrow; all of which create an energetic shield of protection. Sage Shield can be sprayed in a room to cleanse unwanted energy. Spray it on yourself for an energetic cleansing. Sage Shield also can be used for protection from negative or harmful energies.


White Sage is a sacred plant that is endangered due to overharvesting from its wild habitat.  NEVER buy white sage that isn't organically grown!  All of the white sage in Sage Shield comes from a beloved plant in my own garden and the essential oil is from Sage Wind organic sage farm.


For more information, check out the new documentary called Saging the World.   


This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Sage Shield

  • 2 fluid oz


    Proprietary herbal extract blend:  Flower essences of white sage, black sage, sagebrush, white yarrow, angelica, white sage extract, white sage essential oil

    Other ingredients: organic grape and/or cane alcohol and filtered water


    Shake Well.  Spray Often.

    External use only.

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