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Deep Genealogy Coaching:  Ancestral Remembrance and Healing

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This work is for people of all ancestral backgrounds who wish to connect more deeply with their ancestors for healing, transformation and liberation.  

Many of us are called to remember and reconnect with our ancestors.  Some of us are called to help heal our ancestors. Others hope to reconnect with our ancestral traditions, medicine and gifts.  But what does the path to ancestral remembrance look like? How do you navigate the process? What tools are useful for the journey?

I created this offering based on my experience in the Indigenous Mind Master’s Program at Naropa University Oakland under the mentorship of Dr. Apela Colorado.  As a student in this program, I was deeply engaged in a transformational healing process with my Polish Slavic ancestors. My thesis was entitled, “Journey to my Polish Indigenous Mind.”  After graduating in 2003, for many years I continued to assist Dr. Colorado with the teaching and supported our students in their own ancestral remembrance and healing process.

I realized that many people were called to do similar work outside of an academic program, so I created Deep Genealogy sessions so more people could have access to a supportive space to engage in their ancestral remembrance and healing work.

Deep Genealogy sessions may include dream work, prayer, ritual, guided imagery, meditations, obsidian mirror practices, as well as general guidance and support. Between sessions, you will be given assignments to support your process, such as genealogical research, family interviews, personal rituals and also researching the cosmology, mythology, art, music and stories of your ancestors.

Deep Genealogy sessions are available in person, or by phone or online.


Rates & Working Together


Rates do not include the cost of herbs or shipping.

Initial herbal consultation, $200

1.5 hour consult + formulation & email follow up

Herbal follow-up or single session, $115

60 minutes

Four sessions package, $500

(or one initial herbal consultation and three follow-up sessions)

($45 savings) 


Seven one hour sessions package, $800

(or one initial herbal consultation and six follow-up sessions)

($90 savings)

I offer a few sliding scale appointments per month. 

Please note on your client inquiry form if you're interested. 

Packages will be designed specifically for your needs and may include any or all or the services offered. 

For all appointments, payment is requested at the time of service.  Packages must be paid for completely by the first visit.  We accept payments in cash, check, credit card, Venmo and PayPal. 

Phone or Zoom Clients:  All services are available online except for Jin Shin Jyutsu® and acupressure. 


• Email:

• Call: 510-541-2715

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