Healing and Spiritual Dreamwork


Are you interested in obtaining a deeper understanding of your dreams?  Would you like to learn practices to improve your dream recall and to develop yourself as a lucid dreamer?  


These sessions are dedicated to creating space for you to explore your dream landscape, to learn how to work with them as a source of healing and guidance, and to develop your skills as a dreamer.


In each session, you will bring dreams to share.  We will unpack the imagery of your dreams using guided dream re-entry, somatic awareness, ritual, art, tarot and movement.  We may also explore techniques to enhance dreaming, like dream incubation, and practices to support dream recall and lucid dreaming.   I may give your herbs or flower essence formulas to support your dreaming intentions.


For those interested, these sessions can also be used to receive instruction on the Mexica style of dreamwork, as taught by maestro Sergio Magana.  In this tradition, it is said that our dreams (the world of the nahual) are the seed for our waking life (the world of the tonal)  In other words, our dreams come first, then our dreams are the energetic blueprint for our reality in the waking state.


Mexica dreamwork practices include meditations, breathing exercises, work with masks and other techniques to develop yourself as a dreamer, including being able to reach temixoch, or a lucid dreaming state.

Dreamwork sessions are available by phone, in person, or online.