Herbal and Flower Essence Consultations

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Herbs can heal!   But how do you know which herbs that you need?  Sometimes it is helpful to receive the guidance of a professional herbalist to help you navigate your healing path.

My herbal consultations are designed to match you with the right herbal allies that will support your healing goals.  My intention is to help you to understand the ways that plants heal and to understand how plant based healing works differently than western allopathic medicine.   

The initial consultation is an extensive two-hour session in which I obtain a detailed description of your health concerns and your medical history.  We also will talk about all of the aspects of your life that may be contributing to your current state of health.

In each session, I create an herbal formula uniquely designed for your physical and emotional needs.  No two formulas are alike. My formulas are usually a blend of herbal tinctures and flower essences. The tinctures address the needs of your physical body while flower essences support your emotional and spiritual healing intentions.

As part of a session, you may receive  herbs in the form of tinctures, teas or powders; or I may recommend that you plant certain herbs in your gardens or that you spend more time in nature with the plants of your eco-system.

Education is also a part of these sessions.  I will help you understand the many factors that may be contributing to your illness and guide and support you to make the lifestyle changes to improve your health.    These could include changes in diet, exercise, work, relationships or emotional patterns.

All of the herbal tinctures and most of the flower essences in my apothecary have been made with prayer and intention by myself, my students and apprentices. We make medicine with prayer and good intentions, and try to align with the cosmic cycles that are most harmonious for medicine making.    As a result, our herbal medicines carry spiritual harmony not found in commercially prepared formulas.